Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sky Blue - &endeavor.

Rating: 9/10
I thought the customer service was great – didn’t have any problem with it. All questions and/or concerns are done through emails and it took them about a day to reply back to emails (which is great compared to others). I do not read or speak Chinese so I would always email them English in which I would receive a reply back in Chinese. I would just use Babel Fish or Google Translate to translate their emails or ask the boyfriend (who is Taiwanese) to translate. Even though there was that language barrier they were still able to understand every questions that I asked – it seemed like they have someone working there who understands English.

The handbags were shipped inside a plastic bag which was wrapped in a tan colored paper. I was kind of surprised at the shipping materials. I mean I didn’t mind it that much but it would have been nice if they wrapped the handbags more than just once using that tan colored paper. The good thing was that they taped every inch of it!

I was very impressed with the individual packaging. Most of the bags came in this little pink envelope/bag. On the pink side it had the name of the store and on the other side it was transparent so you can see which handbag is inside. The handbags that didn’t come inside a pink bag were inside the typical plastic bag but each of those bag had a dust bag.

Overall, I really like the bags that I received. They were in good quality (looked like the stock picture) and definitely worth the long wait. I would definitely order from Sky Blue again.

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